Sunday Funday

Fun in the sun.

Are you ready to have the ultimate Sunday Funday under the sun without having to worry about sunburns? Look no further than Sunday Funday, the sun lotion company that’s got you covered (literally!) in a wide range of SPF protection levels.

We knew we had to create a name that was as trendy and fun as the products themselves, so we brainstormed and came up with the perfect moniker. But we didn’t stop there – we also designed a brand that’s stylish and eye-catching, targeting the perfect customer looking for the ultimate beach coverage based on their skin tone.

Our talented team of designers poured their hearts and souls into creating a brand that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Sunday Funday. We wanted to make sure that our customers not only receive top-notch sun protection, but also feel stylish and confident while doing so.

That’s why we chose to use a combination of nude skin colour tones and bold type styles that work together harmoniously. This unique design allows our customers to choose the right coverage based on their skin tone, and the easy-to-use colour scale ensures that they can make the perfect choice for their specific needs.

We believe that sun protection doesn’t have to be boring or generic – it can be a fun and stylish accessory that complements your overall look. So go ahead, enjoy your Sunday Funday under the sun with complete peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected by a brand that truly understands your needs and desires.

Client: Sunday Funday
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