Solving Challenges
Through Design


We are a virtual strategic branding and graphic design consultancy freelance agency based in Toronto, working with clients all over the globe.

Sarah Wilkinson is the enthusiastic creative director, graphic designer, strategist, founder, and CEO of SARAH, where she handles all of the creative design and strategic direction for the agency.

Whether a company is evolving or new to the industry, we work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to clarify your purpose, find your voice, understand your customers, and define your goals.

Your brand not only determines your relevancy (especially early on), it plays a critical role in how long you stay in the game.

Maybe you’re here because you’re launching a new product and need to rise above all the noise. Maybe you’re a brand in the early growth stages and need a strategy so you stand out while connecting with your customers. Or maybe you see an opportunity to disrupt an outdated market and need to create a brand people will love.

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High Five

Sarah is both creative and committed, energized, and patient, detail-oriented and big-picture! I trusted Sarah with my business (and big dreams!), and in 2 years of working together she has always delivered amazing work within all sorts of timelines. I appreciate her care for the little annoying projects as well as the big fun ones. Grateful to continue making beautiful things with Sarah!

Meredith Youngson Lake & Oak Tea Co.

OMG I’m obsessed I love everything. Thank you so much.
Seriously so good. I am so excited. Thank you thank you. I hope my business grows and we can work together more. You have been amazing.

Liz Drayton Here And Grateful

I still can’t believe how amazing the logo turned out, everyone is super pleased with it. I love the fact that you did research on our company and what we believed in, therefore you were able to craft the best brand identity for us. It’s hard to find great customer service and someone that was born with a paint brush in their hand.

Michael Peddle Downtown Cosmetics