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Success Stories


Sarah was such a pleasure to work with. She was able to bring my brand to life. Her attention to detail is what allowed our new website to function the way we wanted it to. The team is thoughtful and creative. Sarah delivers more than expected, always taking it to the next level. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their brand.

SEAN PENHALL Founder/CEO | Want Management


Sarah is exceptional to work with! I almost didn’t want to write this review because I feel like I’m giving away one of my best secrets! Sarah and her team are professional, outstanding at their jobs and fun to work with. I’ve been working with Sarah for 3 years and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else when it comes to my design needs - she always exceeds all of my expectations and constantly impresses me with her creativity and innovation.

CASEY WING Marketing Director | Zirkova Vodka


Sarah is both creative and committed, energized, and patient, detail-oriented and big-picture! I trusted Sarah with my business (and big dreams!), and in 4 years of working together, she has always delivered amazing work within all sorts of timelines. I appreciate her care for all of the little details. Grateful to continue making beautiful things with Sarah!

MEREDITH YOUNGSON Founder/CEO | Lake and Oak Tea Co.


I’ve been working with Sarah for the last year on numerous projects including retail labels, posters, packaging and billboards. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our retail rebrand. Her team has a great eye for design and is knowledgeable in marketing. Working with Sarah is extremely easy and I'm always excited to see what she comes up with!

ALYSIA TASSONE Operations Director | Glo Skin Med Spa


We have had a great experience working with Sarah. Her team has gone above and beyond to help bring our brand to life. Working with Sarah you can see she is extremely passionate about what she and her team create and it is definitely reflected in the effort and work that we completed together for BRZY.



I was immediately attracted to Sarah’s vibrant and diverse portfolio, which out of pure luck, I stumbled upon from a simple Google search. What I found in finally connecting with Sarah was not only are they a very creative-minded team but also clever brand developers and an absolute pleasure to partner with. The discovery phase of our process was integral in fully realizing the identity of my newly formed brand. I very much enjoyed working with Sarah and was immensely satisfied with the finished designs they've created for Paula Frances Events Co. Thank you, thank you!!

PAULA FRANCES WAGNER Owner and Principal Planner | Paula Frances Events Co.