1. Introduction Call

First, in order to conduct our process properly, we need to make sure that we are a good match to work with each other as well as identify your goals, problems, and deliverables.

2. Kick-off Meeting

Once all of the preliminary paperwork has been signed and we receive your payment. We will schedule our first kick-off meeting to make introductions and gather information before scheduling our first discovery session.

3. Brand Discovery Session

Through discovery, we learn about your internal and external stakeholders, and create goals and benchmarks for your project. We will examine your objectives and goals beyond the creation of the brand during this phase. Among the elements we focus on are voice & tone, style & look, value proposition, customers and markets, and cultural trends. We wrap up the facilitation with a summary document with findings, comprehensive user profiles, brand story and messages.

4. Design & Development

Creating a brand that matches your business goals, engages and connects your users, while at the same time looking beautiful, is part of what we do. Moving into stylescapes, which are visuals that help to convey your brand’s voice, tone, look, and feel. As a result, we’ll be able to set the broad direction for the visual identity and you’ll be able to participate early on. You will have the chance to choose between several concepts and their contextual applications. Once you decide on a direction, we will help you further refine your choice. We will develop a document containing guidelines for the entire brand identity system to ensure consistency throughout all touchpoints of the brand.

5. Packaging & Collateral

Once we have established the brand identity system and the guidelines for how the assets should be used, we can then start implementing the design assets to your branding, packaging, and marketing collateral. Our goal during this phase is to ensure consistency across all touch points of the brand and user experience. Every decision we make is based on insights we developed together during the discovery phase.

6. Final File Delivery & Launch

As soon as we get your final approval, you’ll receive a download link to access your final brand files and guidelines. The moment you have been waiting for is now reality. It’s time to pick your launch date, pop those bottles, and share your new brand with the world!